About us

We have been working for the most demanding Clients in Poland and Europe since 2005. We offer high-volume industrial plating of steel, copper and aluminium. Our services include: barrel (drum) and rack galvanization, chrome plating, phosphate coating, nickel plating, powder coating, zinc flake coating, and silver plating of aluminium.

Our team possesses global experience that goes back far before the company was founded. At that time, our chief engineer was involved in the design of galvanization processing lines in several countries spanning multiple continents. Today we can draw upon this wealth of experience to the satisfaction of our Clients.

We design and tailor our processes to meet the requirements of even the most demanding Client. We plate the details on a mass scale. We are focused on significant orders and constant cooperation. Instead of imitating others, we work to identify the most efficient solutions in-house. Our Clients’ needs are our priority. This is made possible thanks to the work of designers and engineers who have developed their expertise in many countries and have worked with us for years.

Our Customers can be sure that the material entrusted to us will be plated to the most stringent technical standards. Our coatings protect the cars of makes such as BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Audi.

We provide our services to both local Clients and the ones located hundreds of kilometres away. Many of our Clients have been with us for years, in appreciation of our reliability.

Our approach to logistics and warehousing is tailored on a client-by-client basis. Our offer is comprehensive, ranging from collecting parts from the Client, to delivering them to the designated location. We provide a comprehensive service in 48 hours, even for Clients located hundreds of kilometres away.

Our focus is to provide the best quality. To this end, we perform mechanical and chemical testing in laboratory setting. We conduct X-Ray thickness measurements of coatings and verify corrosion resistance in a salt spray cabinet. This approach allows us to optimize our plating processes on an ongoing basis.

By drawing upon our specialist knowledge and working closely with process designers, we can achieve the requested results in a highly efficient manner. This is extremely important for service contracts with special requirements. In such cases we fine-tune the model coating during the initial phase. It is only after the Client accepts the calibrated coating that we complete the order.